Hydroseeding in Chamblee, GA

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What Exactly is Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is an ultra efficient method to simultaneously plant a new area of turf. Our city uses an industrial pump system to apply grass seed, water, fertilizer, wood chips and a dry mixture of fertilizer onto the soil’s surface, resulting in a new lawn that will grow back eventually. Hydroseeding offers several benefits compared to the traditional grass seed, including holding moisture in the soil which gives the seeds the chance to sprout and start growing faster, allowing it to become established faster. When applied to properties or construction sites, it helps protect against minor erosion while keeping dust to a minimum. If you are looking for hydroseeding services for a newly planted lawn or the renovation of an existing one, or if you have a construction site. We can be reached at (470) 222-2775 or contact us for a quote, and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

Benefits of Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding doesn’t damage the environment as much as traditional seeding and sod does. Beginning with price, it costs as much as 50% less than sod. Moreover, it can also be the best solution for filling in areas where grass is lacking or where there is a steep slope, as the grass won’t be allowed to dominate well. The mulch mixture holds moisture in place, which speeds up establishment time. It also requires much less water than traditional grass seed. When watered properly, hydroseed can start growth in as little as 7 days and be ready to mow within 4 weeks. Would you like to get a quote from Chamblee landscaping experts? Just call (470) 222-2775.

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