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Expert Landscape Lighting Services

You have a beautiful exterior in your house, a beautiful place where your family and friends can gather to spend time together. Make your hard work worthwhile by installing lighting along walkways and entryways on your property after dark. Not only will it boost the quality of your home, but it will also provide security and safety. Adding outdoor lighting to a backyard gathering space or patio can essentially add another room to your outdoor area. Your front and backyards will both look wonderful both day and night. It is possible to add ambiance to your property with low voltage LED landscape lighting, and extend its use during the night by allowing our Chamblee landscape experts to install low voltage LED landscape lighting. Outdoor LED landscape lighting in Chamblee, GA can beautify and amplify your home while adding additional security. Also, little maintenance is required! Contact us now at (470) 222-2775 for more information.

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Why Install Landscape Lighting in Chamblee, GA?

Various Types of Outdoor Lighting Elements

LED or Halogen: LED light bulbs have become extremely popular over the last few years because of their long-term reliability and energy efficiency.

Solar lights: The use of renewable energy, including solar power, is becoming increasingly more common. A small panel is installed on top of the light fixture and the panel charges from the sunlight during the day and lights will generally run for eight (8) hours. Since they are independently powered, they don’t need a complex system. In the winter, they lose their effectiveness due to less daylight, but are still cost-effective and sustainable.

Pathway lights: Blocks powered by solar light are installed into the path during construction. A safer and more secure environment is made possible by having walkways and paths illuminated at night.

Chamblee, GA Outdoor Landscape Lighting Services

Expert Landscape Lighting Installers in Chamblee

Our landscape lighting specialists understand the importance of making your property look as good as possible throughout the day. Our professional crews have enhanced dozens of homes and businesses throughout Chamblee, GA. Each project is tailored to your requirements and completed to your satisfaction. We offer a variety of options for outdoor LED lighting, whether you want to highlight a particular feature on your property, or illuminate your entire property. Get started today by calling us at (470) 222-2775 to schedule a consultation for landscape lighting installation in Chamblee!

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