Mulch Installation & Delivery Chamblee, GA

We work with local landscape suppliers throughout Chamblee who offer great service at an affordable price for your upcoming landscaping project. Whether you need one scoop of mulch for a small garden bed or a few cubic yards for a landscaping project, we have you covered. Call us today at (470) 222-2775.

Mulch Installation Services

Our Chamblee lawn care pros pride themselves on delivering and installing your mulch professionally and correctly the first time, setting your landscaping project up for success. A layer of mulch will help stop many weed seeds from germinating, reducing the requirement of spraying herbicides near shrubs and flowers. It also helps the soil retain its moisture, reducing the need for watering your shrubs, perennials and flowers. Mulch offers rich colors to draw attention to your landscape and also protects your landscape from erosion on gentle slopes.

house with mulch

Mulch Estimate Calculations For Chamblee, GA Properties

Before ordering a mulch delivery in DeKalb county, be sure to calculate the amount of material needed for your project. Based on the following formula, you can estimate the amount of mulch you will need to purchase:

On newly established landscape, mulch is typically installed at a minimum depth of 4” to 6”.When refreshing mulch, be sure to break up the existing layer with a pitch fork to help the decomposition process before applying a new layer. This second layer of mulch will range from one to three inches thick. If you wish to have mulch delivered to your home, please contact us at (470) 222-2775 and we can provide a quote.

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