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Professional sod installation & delivery services in midtown Atlanta and surrounding locations for residential and commercial clients.

Full Service Sod Installers in Chamblee

The turf areas, as well as the planted landscape elements, provide a majority of the landscape’s appearance. If you want the most lush and thick lawn in the neighborhood, Chamblee lawn care pros can make it happen. Regardless of the size of the job, our sod installers can handle it. Our Chamblee sod installation professionals prepare the soil surface and lay the new sod stably, ensuring it will thrive in your yard for years to come. Get an estimate today or call us at (470) 222-2775 if you are in need of a sod installation project in Chamblee.

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Chamblee Sod Installation Process

You will need to remove existing turf, old landscaping, debris, brush, and so forth during the first year of your sod project. Our crews make sure the right equipment is used to remove the material already in place. We next grade the area if necessary to set up a proper slope so that water will drain away from structures. Topsoil is placed after grading. The method is commonly used for newly built homes and businesses with no topsoil. After the topsoil is installed and graded, it is time to grade the soil. Most of the time, the new soil is tilled, Harley raked, or cultivated. Last but not least, when laying the new sod, make sure that the joints are staggered, and that the rolls are cut long enough to cover the beds, fences, driveways, etc. Then our crew will clean up the work area, and our professionals will impart advice on how to water your new lawn properly so it will look great and be a lush turf area for years to come. Our installation of sod in Chamblee provides you with instant, pristine lawns for your home or business property. Call (470) 222-2775 today to get a quote!

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