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Professional Retaining Wall Installation

Not every property’s terrain is ideal for a sprawling turf area. Many have slopes, hillsides and more and a retaining wall is necessary to hold back the slope to prevent erosion, create area for planting beds or to allow for a flat lawn to allow for recreation or an easier process to cut the lawn each week. Our Chamblee retaining wall builders solve any issues with preventing erosion by constructing walls systems that will last for decades. We know how to use your property’s geography to its advantage when constructing a block or boulder wall with a drainage system to adequately move water away from structures. To learn more about our building process, get a quote or call us at (470) 222-2775.

Retaining and Boulder Wall Builders

Block walls stand the test of time as the go-to choice for many home and business property owners for retaining their slopes. They are advantageous thanks to their rigidity to the elements along with their wide variety of different block size, colors and installation pattern depending on the brand of block chosen for your project.

block retaining wall

Retaining and Boulder Wall Builders

Boulder walls offer an extremely cost effective solution to retain the slopes on your property and prevent erosion potential. Whether the soil beneath is sand, soil or clay, boulder walls are an excellent option for a natural appearance to your property. 

There are multiple ways to construct a wall to retain a slope. The choice between manufactured concrete block and boulders comes down to budget, style and design and how this wall will coincide with the appearance of your house and surrounding landscape.

boulder retaining wall
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